1: A boyfrind or significant other. A man.
2: a penis. Opposite of minkjaw.
Have you ever seen a rose of pink,
When evry time slapjaw stank.
There will be a room,
Full of roses.
by ANTBO! September 29, 2010
Top Definition
Is a person who loves to talk. Slapjaw is communication using your voice. Slapjaw can be used to say an individual talks too much. Slapjaw can also be used as to describe a conversation between two or more people saying they are talking nonsense. I was given the name Slapjaw cause I love to talk,
That guy likes to slapjaw he wont stop talking. Hey buddy we got off on the wrong foot we need to slapjaw to clear the air. That group of people are talking all kinds of slapjaw, they need to get a feather and pass it around and whoever has the feather can speak no one else can slaojaw with out the feather.
by Slapjaw November 20, 2013

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