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What you come to urban dictionary to learn how to speak.
Yo 4 shizzle mah n3gro! w00t!

It's total ignorance up in here.(that means it's smart).Know i'm sayin'? O_o/'

dang mang ~\ meesa need a b33r h3r3

yo 40 up nigga

yo why you frontin mang?

yo kick it..don't bogue tha spliff bitch

oh you da hootie mang

me chinese me play joke me go pee pee in your coke


da fuck?
by 4 show March 09, 2005
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Spanish spoken by white folk as slang. Possibly picked up from film, working in food service or Univision. Words often insults or curse words.
Meet you at da crib cholo. Common usage of slanglish
by avant/chi fan January 18, 2007
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