One of those days when your drinking whiskey and the other person taking shots is taking FOREVER, theyre 'slacking' and 'lagging'. Thus, slagging.
1. slaggin; negligent; careless; remiss: slack drinking.

2. slow, sluggish, or indolent: He is slack in drinking a shot of whisky.

4. not active or busy while everyone else is getting drunk; dull; not brisk: the slack season in getting drunk homie.

5. moving very slowly, as the tide, wind, or water or flow of whiskey.

6. weak; lax; like a crack head with ADHD
Top Definition
When you are high/drunk off your ass and walking around like a bum acting retarded or just appear to be blatantly high or drunk. Or both. This term is popular amongst the Northern Virginia/D.C. area. Particularly Burke, VA.
I smoked an L with my homies and walked around campus slaggin so hard.

Just chugged a couple 40z and went slaggin downtown.
by MofugginSticky November 05, 2011
Launching a hot sticky load of cum on your own face after an extreme jerk off session.
I like to go slaggin every morning before I hop in the shower.
by CTPC Crew October 20, 2005
A term which describes something that hangs, droops, or sags in an unsightly manner.

1. DUDE! Did you see that old lady's boobs? They were slaggin bad!

2. After having gauged ears his whole life, 75-year-old John's ears were slaggin to his shoulders.
by HillaryPaige September 29, 2008
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