Tall, attracts sexy babes. Wears a semi gay faux hawk, and cuts his hair for stupid but romantic reasons. Loves hot-tub partays. Wears his pants to low and wears to small of shirts. Has a very perverted mind set and all he can talk about is sex and extremly awkward things. Eats fishfood constantly. Is kinda strange...but in a good way (:
MMM look at that Slader
by anabananas22 April 12, 2011
Top Definition
Cheating on your homework or copying it from another source. Most specifically, math and science homework out of the textbook.
- "Did you do the Mr. Appleton's Calculus homework?"
- "No, I didn't. I'm just gonna Slader it when I get home."
by gr8apej8ke September 29, 2013
Tall, likes to flirt with other girls. Not exactly boyfriend material. Likes to cry into his pillow at night because he scewed up....BIG TIME. Doesnt know how to treat a girl. BUT can be a good friend and support you...sometimes. Has a perverted mind..but does not put it to good use...tries to blame other people when he messes up.
Wow hes such a slader he screwed up so bad.
by Anna Banna Babe May 12, 2011

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