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Someone who is so lazy they would rather complain for months about flash player not working than actually click one link and install it, so they can watch a monkey piss in it's own mouth on youtube.
Lee: OMG i just found a monkey pissing in his own mouth on youtube check this out *sends link*

Mary: I can't because I don't have flash player installed. It hasn't worked for months

Lee: Oh you fucking slack bitch...
by lhm August 11, 2008
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Concatenation of slacker and bitch. A slackbitch is a person (generally female, but may be male) who is extremely lazy and prone to procrastination. The term is used as a playful, mocking insult, and is most often applied to oneself, not other people. Slackbitches are usually quite proud of being slackbitches.
I am such a slackbitch, I don't use hangers or drawers to hold my clothes, they just lie about on the floor in varying states of cleanliness.
by Stephanie M. October 23, 2003
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