The unbearable feeling of emptiness, apathy, and utter anticipation felt before the release of the new Elder Scrolls game.
Dude 1: I didn't even feel like getting up this morning
Dude 2: Yeah. Skyrim syndrome.
by OctobersFate November 08, 2011
A severely antisocial condition causing the sufferer to purposely bring about his own isolation from society so he is not in any way disturbed during playing Skyrm. In severe cases emotional bonds such as long-term relationships can be completely destroyed by this syndrome.
Francis: did you hear about Nathan?
Amy: no, what's up?
Francis: he hasn't talked or looked anyone in days.
Amy: what is it, is he depressed?
Francis: no, it's ... it's Skyrim syndrome
Amy: but that means, he will be lost to us for 300 hours or more!
by buck-savage November 30, 2011

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