This is when you sign on to skype and all 200 of your contacts want your immediate attention. As a skype courtesy, one should give the skypee time to respond.
I sign on to skype and my contacts have immediate notification that I have been signed on. I will have 30 people skype me..all at once this is what I call Skype Rape. Everyone wanting immediate attention and expecting an immediate response and likely a conversation. This is simply not possible. Please understand this happens quite often to people that conduct a lot of business via skype. Please be patient and do not misconstrue a delayed response as negligence, they are just trying to manage 30 people at once, which is nearly impossible. Be patient.
by WCFunding September 15, 2009
the act of aggressively forcing an outside party, in most cases a female, to closely watch the foul acts performed on a webcam. There is a high chance the victim of the rape never fully recovers.
Megan: lets chat over webcam! i want sausage tonight!
Meggie: no thanks, im not feeling it
Megan: you do it or ill skype rape you hard
by killahfrisbees August 12, 2009

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