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A cunt that smells like a skunk.
Victim: Dude, I can't get this skunt smell off my fingers.
Friend: You need tomato juice to get that off.
by CaptainSwass December 04, 2012
9 6
guyanese insult smelly cunt...
ya dutty skunt namean
by alexei lex lee October 04, 2006
72 67
Not to be mistaken for most terms, Skunt is subtle. meaning in fact or refering to someone being a "skanky-cunt". Usually used on women, but this term can for sure be used to describe men as well.

Skunt, Adj. - Someone, who by nature is a total cunt, and border-line is being a slut. This person finds ways around being viewed as skunt by in fact conducting themselves as a skunt. Often conniving, envious, annoyingm,manipulative, and pathetic through there strong points, skunts go by the morals of complete skank in the form of something that appears harmless or even inviting.
My boss is a total skunt

So then I interrupted her with, "skunt please"

Shut your skunt mouth bitch
by craftdinner433 January 24, 2012
5 2
"Skunt' is an abbereviation for "Muddaskunt", which is how the locals here in the Virgin Islands pronounce "Mother's Cunt" is a derogatory term used to describe someone that is not less than desirable...
"Den sum skunt cum took ma hole bagga food out ma truck!"
by Arjeje December 02, 2009
31 29
A skunt is a skinny cunt who gets right on your nerves for not only being a cunt but for being skinny too.
"kristen stewart slept behind roberts back glad im not that girl shes a real skunt"

"Hey guys lets go chase that skunt, he won't run too fast hes too skinny"

" our next door neighbour is a right skunt shws shouting down the mobile at 5am!"
by yoloswaggitinifagit April 10, 2014
1 0
a female individual who represents a hybrid of a skank and a cunt.
"Hey skunt! Get on the bar!"

"Amy is such a skunt; that whore slept with everyone in Providence"

"Skunty bitch"
by SxySunnyBlonde August 11, 2009
2 1
a word of two words to call a female..skanky cunt or skunt
that girl is such a skunt
by that craz one June 17, 2009
18 17