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Occuring usually in the warmer summer months,..skunk dick is the unmistakable condition of having a sweaty, grime-coated penis. It is nearly impossible for anyone to tolerate this odor, except for pay-whores.
It's 15 for a blowjob....wait whats that smell?......skunk dick is 25.
by Clean dick June 15, 2009
Raunchy genitalia caused by lack of proper hygiene and/or upkeep.

Analogy: Swamp Ass is to your Anus as Skunk Dick is to your Penis.
I went to the city last night and got home mad late. Had to go to work in the early morn's. I woke up late, skipped the shower, put on some de-oats and by the middle of the day I had some gnarly
Skunk Dick!
by drivethruecp February 20, 2009