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Somewhat in relation to regular skullfucking, the popular pasttime of many men. This version involves picking up a rather large male goat and ramming it through your unfortunate friends eye socket. This may result in serious injury or death, but who the fuck cares...ITS SKULLFUCKING WITH A FUCKING GOAT!
Male 1: "Dude, did you hear about Tina?"

Male 2: "No man, what happenned?"

Male 1: "She died this weekend, man. It was pretty terrible. See, all her friends are over there crying for her."

Male 2:"Dude, how bad was it?"

Male 1: "She got skullfucked with a goat man! They are still pulling it out!"

Male 2: "What should we do about her friends?"

Male 1: "Well, theres a goat farm about 2 miles down the road..."
by Josiah Munger August 26, 2006
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