someone who says one thing and thinks another; a hypocrite
TJ: Lets make fun of Alex for cheating
Nick: Im down
TJ: Alex ur such a cheater
Ben: Wut would the big T say?
Nick: You guys are jerks
Red: Nick ur a pretty boy skudge and nothing more
Kait: Meet me in the bathroom in 10 minutes
by red machine January 26, 2006
Top Definition
Noun: A tar like substance with rank odor.

Verb: (Skudging) rubbing one's rank vaginal secretion on another person or object as to mark it's territory.
Noun: "I've got dibs on the $2.00 Stripper with a side of 'Skudge!'"
Verb: "Skudge me up already, Tina! You're giving me blue balls!"
by Drew PHD April 18, 2014
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