A serious and incurable medical condition that women get on their fanny and which looks like cottage cheese and gives off a stench similar to garlic and bile. Most women get it from having too much intercourse or sleeping with men that look like birds. If you are born a manky bitch or have a minge demon, you automatically have skordalia.
Tammy: Whats that nasty smell??

Selena: Oh thats just Sarah. She had sex with a falcon and now she has a bad case of skordalia on her fanny.
by penboy June 02, 2010
Top Definition
A nasty but tasty type of yeast infection which can be used as a food spread in case of emergencies.
Billy: Ah shit we just ran out of cottage cheese.

Carter: dont worry man, I nailed this manky bitch last night and she left some skordalia residue on my sheets.

Billy: Awesome, i'll just whack it on a cracker.
by glassbowl June 02, 2010
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