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Stuck up, middle aged actor/ actress who's addicted to sleeping pills, bourbon, and whippets. Enjoying his/ her mid life crisis due to being molested by his/her male, middle-aged co-star from a sitcom that aired 30 years ago. He, she always wears burnt pantyhose from falling asleep with lit cigarettes. He's/ she's had his/ her stomach pumped 13 times from " Confusing" his/ her sleeping pills with Mentos. He/ she has a tendency to shoplift, he/ she smells like a distillery, and if you ever have a craving for a sundae, he's/she's right there with the whipped cream.
That stuck up ho is a Skonky Brewster.
Fran Drescher is a Skonky Brewster.
Brittany Spears ( Even though she's 11 years old with 17 kids named Bob)is a Skonky Brewster.
Russell Crowe is a Skonky Brewster.
Owen Wilson is a Skonky Brewster.
Heath Ledger is a Skonky Brewster.
Keifer Sutherland is a Skonky Brewster.
Hellen Hunt is a Skonky Brewster.
Winona Ryder is a Skonky Brewster.
by Ass Fucking Goat Queen March 01, 2008
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