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Pronounced, Sk-oag-an
A dirty girl or dirty butt, a girl whose usually just trashy and thinks she's hot, or a hot girl that pulls shady moves. Skogan activities include sleeping with alot of guys then covering it up by calling other girls whores. a skogan or Skog. for short is not wife material, and if your acting out of desperation, one night material. Skogans are not to be trusted or emotionally invested in
John: Man, I really liked Nicole, she is so fine, we where hanging out alot ... last night she didnt text and I passed her riding in another guys car. Devon: What a skogan, you can do better.

Devon: Man, she looked like a dime piece from across the room, when I got closer I could see she was just a skog.
by Teff. July 28, 2011

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