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A fruity beverage containing everclear, fruit juice, and two bags of skittles.
Caleb: Dude... here try this skittle juice! It got me totally wasted from like... four sips! It's awesome. SKITTLE JUICE! I dont know, she's like acting all wierd, cuz yesterday she like Sucked my Dick, but now she's acting all wierd, cuz yesterday she sucked my dick. It was pretty good... no senior, but pretty good for a sophmore, maybe sophmore 4th quarter... Doode lissin ot me im so drnuk fom thes SKITTLE JUICE! Dont be a betch, just drink it.
by Mista Milla September 12, 2007
Saliva collected (and sometimes projected) while eating candy "skittles"
"Dude! You got skittle juice all over the place!"
by drea3492 February 18, 2010
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