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When your really fucking sure of something you're Skip Sure, and when your wrong you go down 2 points. Skip A. Harrington is the head carpet cleaner at the University of New Hampshire, he rips butts like no other and drinks coffee black out of a dirty coffee pot every day all day. His trademark move is the hair whip, commonly used by many females to get hair out of their face. He refuses to stop working for any reason and on frequent occasions he asks his workers to stay an hour an a half after work to complete tasks that should be easily taken care of during the work day. When there's nothing to do his unfortunate crew is left picking up sticks around the woodsides apartments. Skip juice is Skips urine that if ingested or injected will give the user 24 hours of non-stop work. I think it is commonly accepted that Skip A. Harrington is the fucking man...
Chris: I definitely painted that hallway.
Tomek: Are you sure?
Chris: Fucking Skip Sure.
Tomek: You better be...
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