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Very good rapper from london.
bob: Hey, have you herd Council Estate of mind by skinnyman?
Joe: Word!
by Skyhawk February 03, 2005
Skinnyman a infamous UK Hip Hop artist. Having made lots of appearance and tracks. He released his album council estate of mind in 2004. He beat eminem in a rap battle a Subterrania. He has spent long sentences in prison for weed dealing. Skinnyman comes from Finsbury Park, north london
You heard skinnyman's album.
by edu101 March 26, 2007
one of the best uk mc's on the scene. skinnyman has a very troubled past but still manages to release great music (between spells in prision) his crew the mud fam are also a talented bunch featuring mungo and supanova
he beat eminem in a battle and has dated a spice girl gets my respect lol

foreign beggars ft skinnyman -hold on
skinnyman - fuck the hook
skinnyman- ill be suprised
mud fam - itchy town
by djisgod June 20, 2007
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