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An internet forum where people go to hang out, talk about games, and try to forget that horrible {SQ4}Antioch fellow, who more than likely supplied the above definition.
I'm going to go hang at the Skill Club and see whats going on today.
by Wolvish December 16, 2003
A german drug that is available for free in the internet.
Skill-Club is life, once you start you cannot stop.
by kadoosh November 17, 2004
An internet general purpose forum which utterly defines cool.
Dude, I banged four chicks on saturday, but you should have seen the spamfest that night on skill-club!
by DuSt0fF February 05, 2004
An Internet forum where spam and drama is generated.
Skill Club is obsessed with that Ghost Freeman fellow...
by Ghost Freeman October 26, 2003
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