Something hella wack. Shady. A shady feeling/mindstate. Derived from the Bay Area, Northern California.
"Damn shit, today's hella skidda. Fucking girls are wack"
by Hamydeez October 05, 2003
Top Definition
skiyline R32 Gts+t is known by this name because of the fact that these particular vehicles do extremlt good skids and are easy to modify and control the rotor-Holic hates such vehicles even when the rotor breaks first and the nissan towed the mazda home
person1 "Fuck that does mean skids"

Person 2 "They arent called skiddas for no reason"
by Captain Skids December 02, 2009
Something Skiddish. Being out of it. Being Shady. Uncomfortable. Wierd. Out of your element. Word is based on the 2 letter word element of S and K. S.K. The evil SK. Word was founded by hamydeez from the Bay Area around 2002/3'ish. <== know that.. he made it.
Ayyy Juannny... it's ehhh... very skidda u know? Ehh the people... ehhss no feel right? Ehhh skiddros Jaredos Espesbos Guantanamos oyyyy Jordenos Espanzo Diaglo
by Jordenos Espanzo Diaglo July 13, 2007

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