To make sexual suggestions, actions, or gestures over Skype.

A combination of Skype and Sex. Almost like a Sext, but over video chat.
Lisa's mom thought Skype was a good idea for long distance video calls, until she caught Lisa skexting with her boyfriend.
by avid skexter July 22, 2010
Top Definition
Skype sex
Tom: Dude, I just got had sex with girls in Spain, Germany, and Africa. Dude: Damn, I bet you spent hella money on plane tickets. Tom: No dude , I had Skex.
by Webcam man May 20, 2010
Derived from the words Skype and Sex and the fact that many participants make it orgy-like -- skex is a metaphor for a Skype conference.
<peterska2> Chroder, Onimua, Floris -- ready to skex?
by Skex Lover July 25, 2006
The act of engaging in sexual activities via Skype thus Skexing comes into play.
I was skexing this nasty girl over skype and she pulled down her panties and revealed a large bush.
by NastaayMaan May 23, 2013
sex over skype
dude me and these two college girls were having skex last night.
by capernacus big dick willy IV June 18, 2010
1. of or having to do with sketchy sex

2. appearing to possess sexually sketchy qualities
There's so much skex going on, you don't even know.
by Megan October 24, 2004
What Floris, Chroder, Pyro, Onimua and peterska2 do on a nightly basis
skex and parties on skype
by peterska2 July 25, 2006
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