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Skewl Sux Rock Out Drop Out (letter s in "sux" should be backwards) is a gang that was created by an eighth grader who hated school and wanted a way to complain about it in a public format. The gang is often referred to by various names such as SSRODO and RODO. Although the gang does not promote any form of violence or illegal behaviour, there has been controversy over people wearing ssrodo merchandise to public places, especially schools. Parent should know that SSRODO is not a group that actually promotes dropping out of school, simply a way for teens and other adults to complain about obligatory things they have to do. The group's main focus is hatred for school and other expectations, however the gang also promotes being who you want to be, doing what you want to do, and having swag.

SSRODO can also be used by adults in reference to occupations without changing any words in the gang name.
Teacher: "I don't think that shirt is appropriate for school, Timmy."
Timmy: "Don't fret teacher; my shirt is simply making reference to a gang in which its main, although not only, focus is hatred for school. The gang actually also promotes self love, having swag, and being who one wants to be. Although you may see my shirt as disrespectful it is really a way for me to channel my negative thoughts about school and other expectations from those above me in a safe and convenient manner."
Teacher: "Rock on, ssrodo all day long."

"Man, I just wanna go do some graffiti." "Yeah man i'll get the cans, ssrodo all over the canvas in my basement."

#rodo #ssrodo #skewlsux skewl sux rock out drop out
by ssrodo May 01, 2012
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