A rather odd place in the North of England that looks very much like Milton Keynes.
"Skem? Milton Keynes? Whats the difference?"
by robo2219 June 05, 2006
Top Definition
Short for skelmersdale.

1. A place kinda near liverpool.
2. A shit hole.
3. A place with fuck all to do.
'Fucking hell, theres fuck all to do in skem'
'Skem is a shit hole'
by anon April 26, 2005
A massive round-about... no seriously, its just round-abouts, and full of fake scousers and groups of pussies that think they own the place, even though they're always beaked up are beyond uneducated.
1. Shit, I'm lost in skem on a roundabout somewhere
2. Laaaa let's get a 50 sack on bail and get beaked up, then we'll go an mug some old person and pretend we're hard as Fuck!
by Tingman11 July 28, 2011
an alcoholic drink.
coming for a skem tonight?

i love a good skem.
by titsmcgee7 December 28, 2010
Meaning annoying, stupid, bad or something disagreed with and/or disliked by the user of the word. People can be known as `skemrs` or `skems` temporarily for doing something the user does not like.

On MSN -
Person One: I`m going.
Person Two: You skem!

"That chick is such a skemr!"
"I know, she stole Dani`s boyfriend!"
by ComaDivine August 23, 2006
v. to wade through shallow water while sifting through sand in search of shell fish and other collectibles.
The men were skemming for oysters in the bay.
by LeahandTheresa July 11, 2006
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