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A person with a massive face lift surgery.
Her tits maybe melons, but above she's a skeletor.
by Ljuk September 13, 2007
A bony chick who would snap if u fucked her
You don't want a girl who's too blubbery... But you don't wanna bone a SKELETOR!

~Craig Beil
by NenjiMax June 19, 2005
An anorexic grandma who smokes heavily, drinks excessively, and is over 90 years old. She also must look like she is dead
My grandma's nickname is skeletor. Shes cant hear or see!!
by Ry23456789 August 19, 2008
A tall, lanky, often skeletal individual who can fall asleep nearly everywhere. Often is confused for being dead, but soon awakens from slumber (on his own time) to the surprise of bystanders. Skeletors also exhibit traits of OCD, usually relating to their personal possessions and others possessions which may intermingle with his/her own.
Bro 1: Sam is such a skeletor, he fell asleep in Nolte Hall yesterday for 6 hours under a restaurant table.

Bro 2: I know right? Skeletors are the lurking type.
by MNUuuuu December 01, 2011
A scene in a movie after the credits, originating from the movie Masters of the Universe in which Skeletor is thought to be slain, but makes his life known.
"Yo did you see the skeletor after the credits of Iron Man? Samuel L. Jackson was in it!"
by Samuel M-F'ing Jackson May 11, 2008
he made me do some coke
"Skeletor, you made me do some coke! Aaah I'm up all night and it's no joke!" -Beastman
by poohter November 01, 2007
Hitler wannabe.
Skeletor: 'I'll ride to power on the racist vote.'
by MC Impious October 30, 2008