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A Bitch That Iz Hella Eazy To Fuck...
You Can Find Them Just About Anywhere And Anytime You Just Have To Look Hard Enough...
And Guyz Usually Get Rid Of Their Virginity By Picking One Of These Nasty Hoez...
They Usually Have Vaginaz That Hang Like Wizardz Sleevez...
Dude1: Yo Did You get With That Skeezy Beezy Last Night???

Dude2: Hellz Yea, That Shit Was Easy...
by BunkerKing January 26, 2009
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A bitch thats hella easy to get with, mostly pursued by virgins over the age of fifteen and old pervs
damn that Shelby is such a Skeezy Beezy
by EJ and Bunkerking January 26, 2009

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