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Group of hoodlums who run shit. Never question a group of Skapz or an individual Skaper as there will be hell to pay. Outsiders who come with nothing and leave with all your shit.

Example 1.
guy 1: Yo lets go back to the living room
guy 2: No we can't man
guy 1: Why the fuck not?
guy 2: Skapz took over, we gotta sit in the kitchen now...

Example 2.
guy 1: Yo man where's my beer?
guy 2: In the fridge isn't it?
guy 3: No man, I saw those Skapz roll through, it got dahhd nicely.

Example 3:
guy 1: Yo, I heard Skapz were going to Cuba this year
guy 2: Ya, I wish I could go
guy 1: Your dreaming, they would never let us come... they run shit :(

Example 4.
guy 1. SHIT lets get out of here!
guy 2. How come?
guy 3. SKAPZ!!
by Wannabe Skap :( January 29, 2009
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