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Skante is a slang term for crystal meth. A skante warrior is a person who has evolved from over usage of crystal meth. They gain supernatural powers, akin to a vampire, except instead of blood, they need more skante. They can tell if someone is carrying skante on them and will attack them on sight. In the more evolved forms, they can harvest skante from other skante warrior's blood. They most basic skante warriors attack in packs, with the most evolved on being the leader
Man 1: What happened to Fred after the party? Man 2: Oh, he became a skante warrior. He looks like a alligator with all those scabs. Man 1: Hey, I kept some meth from the party. Wanna try it? Man 2: Bro, you crazy?!?!? Fred and his pack can smell that shit! Man 1: Oh shit, here he comes. Run bro!!! *gunshots and stabbing sounds*
by Notoriousbob February 17, 2013
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