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1) A unusually large women who gets drunk and hits on every guy in the bar hoping that by the end of the night they will be wasted enough to take her huge amazon ass home. She is usually built tall, very wide and thick skinned, thus making her look like an army tank while being skanky at the same time.

2) Or could be defined as a vehicle that "Grenades" ride in. (Ugly fat chicks usually hang out in groups and would ride together in a Skank Tank while hunting their prey by bar hoping)
Ex: 1) Holy shit look at the Skank Tank working her magic on the drunk guy at the end of the bar. If he dies from suffacation we'll know why!

Ex: 2) Pretty sure that Skank Tank SUV them fatties are driving is going to bottom out. The tires are rubbing on the fenders as they pull in to the next bar to look for drunk dudes to roll them in flour.
by SassyJax01 December 07, 2010
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sleezy reavaling top or tee
Candy next door has her skank tank on again
by G Lee Moore January 08, 2006
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(noun) an extremely skanky woman.
Bob: Dude look at Jeannette! She has like 5 guys around her? I cannot believe she dumped me.

Bill: Wow, what a skank tank.
by Jsolaracko September 26, 2011
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by Aesop April 30, 2004
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Any large vehicle, usually an SUV-type, which carries skanks (they normally travel in groups of two or more) to their destination to engage in scandalous behavior.
Joe: "I wonder what model that skanktank is?"
by virtuousvisionary July 07, 2011
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The area of fat that droops over the front of a skank's panty-line.
Guy 1: Woah man, who got that skank pregnant?

Guy 2: Naw man, she ain't pregnant, that's just her skank tank.
by Enriquejones March 25, 2009
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A slang term denoting tanning beds, an item used excessively by 'skanks'. Normally used in reference to skanky females, but can also be used for annoying 'Jersey Shore' type males who pratically reside in the skank tank.
Cindy- So what's our schedule today?

Margaret- Laundry, tanning, gym, and the club, duh!

Clyde- The Skank Tank again? Y'all are gonna get cancer, just wait.

Cindy- I'm not a skank! I'm single I can shag whoever I want!
by iwon'trememberit November 07, 2010
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