Top Definition
A Really Filthy Ho
I would advise not going near that skank ass
by E March 16, 2003
a skank ass hoe that has sex with
Lashonda is a skank ass hoe.
by DA PIMPETTE November 27, 2004
One who has a smelly ass and is also slutty.
Tina is such a whore, that skankass better stay away from my man!!
by Anonymous April 15, 2003

an insult that really doesnt mean much at all. But is sounds funny.
"Whoa back it up you fucking skankass before i jack you with a bag of salty potato chips homes."

"God you are an asshole fuckbag fucks your mom while she onobulates in the shower shitbrick skankass."
by Matt December 07, 2004
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