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Refers to the purchase of a 'six pack' of alcohol and the subsequent consumption and walk to a chosen destination therafter. This may vary however in both, amount of alcohol consumed and in the length of the drunken walk. If upon passing a second alcohol depot, the trek may be lengthened to compensate for further purchases.

There is no limit to consumption or distance.
This is usually carried out in a public place, most commonly in a large city, therfore descretion is advised e.g - use of paper bags or dummy beer coolers.
Nathan - Hey, you wanna do the six pack mile after work? I want to get some more photos of Nep.

Andrew - You read my mind dude, which way you wanna walk?

Nathan - Through the park, then city. We'll just train is from Central Station.

Andrew - Its not so much a mile is it.. Its like ten..
by omgitzandrew June 18, 2009
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