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Sith Lord Ali also known as SLA) is the most famous prommie in the General Discussion (GD) on Gaia Online.

In the beginning, Sith Lord Ali was a cam-whoring emo and gained popularity throughout the GD with this existence. Eventually he became widely known due to extensive attention whoring and namedropping. August 15th 2007 is the date when SLA revealed that he was not boy but instead, as the only other alternative would offer, a girl. The GD was shocked with this news. Her reasons for posing on the internet as boy couldn't be more emo then her previous existence fueled by "mental abuse from a boyfriend."

While SLA is widely popular, she is also disliked by a great number of other Gaians because she tends to be a bitch. The greatest debate about her is whether or not she is pretty. In all honesty, it's hard to tell beneath the scene way of dress. However, it is undebatable that she is the biggest attention whore of the GD which is an incredible feat in itself.
"Wow! Did you hear that Sith Lord Ali is a girl?"
"No wai!"

"Sith Lord Ali is a prommie."
by RandyMcDoug37 May 12, 2008
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