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Whenever a guy takes nude pictures to show off his dick and it's placed on or around the sink because he's too lazy to hold it properly: but he still thinks it's sexy.
"Hey Hunter, could you send me some nudes? Just make sure you don't have a sink dick."

"What's that?"

"When you get lazy and place your dick on or around the sink because you don't want to hold it."
by chasingsparrows September 26, 2011
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An act performed by a woman for the woman. A aroused man receives fellatio near a sink running cold water. As the man is about to climax the female takes the extendable sink handle and blasts the male's gentiles with cold water so he fails to climax and shrinks to his resting length. The women then continues giving dome until the man is about to climax. Again the female blasts his male pride with the cold water. The process is repeated for an hour and the man never climaxes.
Girl 1: I'm just trying to find a man who will treat me with respect.
Girl 2: I heard bobby is willing to perform sink dick.
Girl 1: wow, what a selfless gentleman! I'll hit him up
by bigmeat69er March 03, 2017
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