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A city simulator with the addictive and self destructive equivalent to heroine. The risk of leaving work, friends and family for this time consuming habbit is rather high. Has some minor problems running on Vista, but you wont care. Requires a decent amount of computer power, brain power and practice to successfully perfect a highly educated well funded city with sufficient transportation and low pollution with enough water, hospitals, fire departments and police stations to shut up those annoying advisors of yours that dont leave you alone until the problem is resolved.
Advisor: No bandage blues: simcity 4 healthcare workers walk

Mayor: shut up whore im working on it

Advisor: Big time problems hit local avenue

Mayor: well too bad theres really not much i can do

Advisor: Undercover cop unearths den of crime

Mayor: homie, im not building another police station near that airport
by vnvxvnv June 07, 2009
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