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A basement dwelling creature who clearly lacks in a social life, the result of this is that they indulge in silly conspiracies and think the government is constantly plotting against them.

Another topic they thrive upon is the 'impending doom' of the earth and that there is something more sinister behind everything.

A key focal point of Silver hatters is the Illuminati which is a debatable topic, but still very stupid and is often taken out of proportion

A vast majority of silver hatters are infact trolls. They get a buzz by role playing about these conspiracies which catch the attention of 12 year olds who take it all seriously and in turn make silly youtube videos stating 'facts' by scientists and ex CIA agents and who what not.

tl;dr These people like to think the world is ending and the government is killing us all...
Anon 1: Did you know the government are polluting the air and water supply with poison!!!

Anon 2: Dude, go away you silver hatter, get out of the basement

Anon 1: Watch the skies look at the chem trails!!!!

Anon 2: Seriously get some air

Anon 1: But its poisoned thats why I live in my parents basement!
by glassybubbles122 December 15, 2011
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