Modern technique to rate the attractiveness of females (or males). Developed at UCSB (Isla Vista) to evaluate females, named in honor of the key developer. This new rating system replaces the old and commonly used “1 to 10” scale, to use a new “-10 to 10” scale. An assessment of zero marks the female as attractive enough for sex, even if you are fully sober Each negative number indicates and represents the number of double-shots of liquor (or two beers) it would take to make the female “attractive enough” to have sex with. Positive numbers are reserved for truly hot individuals, with a 5 approximating true “model quality” and 8-9 being reserved for the hottest people alive. This system is ideal to begin, and identify the party breeding pool at the beginning of the night- to assess how much one MUST drink.
-Adjustments of +1 or +2 points given for such specialties as; fake boobs, lesbian tendency, scandalousness, MILF, etc.
Guy #1: “dude, that girl is totally a -3”
Guy #2: “naw, I’d say -4”
Guy #1: “yeah, but she is you ex’s best friend, that is worth at least one adjustment on the Silver Scale”
Guy #2: “TRUE, lets each take 6 shots of vodka, and see who is the lucky guy tonight!”
by iseethepacific October 22, 2005

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