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When you expload on a chicks backside(cum on her back) you rub it all around and smear it on her face.
"Hey Matthew will u give me a Silver Back Gorilla tonight, hell yea baby you now i will.
by Spanky57 August 17, 2006
A very large and very black man or woman.
"Check out this Black guy he looks like a Silver-Back Gorilla."
"This Black guy is a Silver-Back."
by BadgerTycoon February 18, 2010
The one who can eat over 3 racks of ribs in a single sitting
"Sam is such a Silverback Gorilla, he sure gets his money's worth at all you can eat rib night"
by Thedan January 27, 2014
When giving a girl anal, pull out of her ass and ejaculate all over her back.
"Yeah mah nigguh, y'know. I was givin' it to her up the ass, and I released all over that bitches back"

"Damn, boy, you handin' out silver-back gorillas left and right!"
by TheCandyPimp June 30, 2010
When you completely dominate a black girl and cum on her back, often after doing so the male will beat on his chest like King-Kong showing dominance.
Dylan gave that f'ing N a Silverback Gorilla.
by Peacedawg November 20, 2009
while ur fucking a girl in the ass, you jizz on her back while u pull her her pubes and then stick her pubes on her back
If you dont like the hair silver back gorilla the bitch.
by petey pablo May 06, 2005
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