A non-offensive affectionate name used to describe a person who is acting like a sillyface
that victoria is such a sillyface sometimes, and I love her for it!
by Austin K January 04, 2008
Top Definition
The worst possible insult to use in the UK, much worse than fucktard or wanker. Using this insult can have dire consequences and will often cause a bloody brawl to ensue.
Person 1: You're a silly face!

Person 2: You what!? I'll kick your ass you sonofabitch!
by Smart face March 19, 2010
a person who makes silly faces.
Look at that sillyface girl squinting her chinky eyes at me!
by sillyface PHOEBE September 23, 2006
word used to refer to your bitches or hoes. also if your bitch/hoe/whorelady is acting like a 4 year old child it is appropriate to call her a silly face. only used towards females of course.
"Jena talks so much shit that she can't back up, what a silly face."
by coxaflopin April 09, 2004
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