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A non-offensive affectionate name used to describe a person who is acting like a sillyface
that victoria is such a sillyface sometimes, and I love her for it!
by Austin K January 04, 2008
13 3
The worst possible insult to use in the UK, much worse than fucktard or wanker. Using this insult can have dire consequences and will often cause a bloody brawl to ensue.
Person 1: You're a silly face!

Person 2: You what!? I'll kick your ass you sonofabitch!
by Smart face March 19, 2010
33 17
a person who makes silly faces.
Look at that sillyface girl squinting her chinky eyes at me!
by sillyface PHOEBE September 23, 2006
3 14
word used to refer to your bitches or hoes. also if your bitch/hoe/whorelady is acting like a 4 year old child it is appropriate to call her a silly face. only used towards females of course.
"Jena talks so much shit that she can't back up, what a silly face."
by coxaflopin April 09, 2004
10 22