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Someone who obviously didn't understand the true value of being able to think for one's self rather than letting the world turn him/her into a mindless zombie.

This individual likely set the record for world's most narrow minded fool.

Definition of Critical Thinking by Silly Someone:

"The WORST and most POINTLESS subject it could ever be your misfortune to be forced to take as a qualification at college. "

Teaches you how to be an argumentative, big-headed fool in life. (and possibly debates)
Teacher; "Now then, let's pop on with some Critical Thinking! Slippery slope, yayayay!"

Class; -groans in utter dismay and boredom-

"I made a Critical Thinking Joke the other day."

"You sad, sad, sad person."

XD You Silly, Silly, Silly Someone. XD
#open #mind #critical #thinking #brilliant #silly #someone #understand #value
by True Mind October 25, 2010
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