I horribly conceived vodka brand pushed by the Brand Action Team. If the vodka is not already being poured by top bartenders at industry leading bars, restaurants and nightclubs...it never will.
Some stupid marketing company did a liquor promotion at the bar I work at. The vodka was terrible, I think it had some gay name like Silk Vodka or Lace Vodka(I don't remember). I do know it sucked and we'll never buy any of it.
by Mendozaman March 08, 2009
Top Definition
SV, also known as The Silk Vodka is a Russian vodka produced by Soyuz Victan Group of Companies. Grains grown on the Russian Steppes are the source of the product and it is produced in their distillery located in Ruza, outside of Moscow.
The company uses “Luxe” grade alcohol, the highest level of quality recognized by the Russian Government. The product is then put through a series of filtrations through five different types of mountain crystals and minerals including crystal quartz, morion (smoky quartz), chalcedony, topaz and opal. The filtration is said to remove impurities or congeners from the distillate which can contribute to the sensation of harshness or bite. The product is packaged in a unique bottle somewhat reminiscent of art deco design.
In the 2006 International Review of Spirits tasting competition conducted by the Beverage Tasting Institute , SV Silk Vodka received a rating of 92, “Exceptional” and a Gold Medal. Oct. 27 tasting notes published by BTI:
"Cream, vanilla, and star anise aromas. A round supple entry lead to a dryish, silky medium body of sweet cream, mineral, vanilla, and delicate peppery spice flavors. Finishes with a long, sweet cream and mineral fade. Excellent balance, smoothness and length."
The 80 proof product was developed with a taste profile adapted to the US market and introduced in late 2006. Most vodka brands from Russia are produced with a characteristic harsh bite that is a considered a desireable characteristic to consumers in that country. The formula for the Silk Vodka results in a product that American consumers would consider smooth.
Tasting and Describing Vodka: "Smooth"
Like the old saw about Eskimos having 200 adjectives to describe snow, smooth is a non-specific word to most people. Vodka experts have found that smoothness is a function of three primary sensations: nose, mouthfeel and finish. Nose is the presence or absence of a sharp alcohol smell; mouthfeel refers to the degree of harshness of the liquid itself; and finish refers to the impression of bite after the drink has been swallowed.
The Silk Vodka descriptor is used as a metaphor to communicate the product’s smoothness. The brand uses the imagery of flowing silk fabric around the bottle and as an element of the advertising. Only real men can drink Silk Vodka, if you can't drink it, then you are a pussy.
About the Company
According to the industry trade publication Impact Magazine, Feb. 2006 issue, Soyuz Victan is the third largest vodka producer in the world with corporate headquarters in Kiev, Ukraine, and distilleries and wineries located in Moscow, Crimea and Kiev. The US office is located in Jersey City, NJ.

External Links
SV The Silk Vodka official website: www.silkvodka.com

Hey, you can try and know what a really smooth Russian vodka is - it's the SILK VODKA!
by Yarros March 23, 2007
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