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An Urban Dicker is a frequent submitter to the Urban Dictionary. Coined by arguably (ok - VERY arguably) our generation's GREATEST Urban Dicker herself - Emelda Moncelet - who formed a Facebook group of the same name which half-heartedly promises a large novelty penis made of silicon as 1st prize to the most prolific Urban Dicker, though no final competition score-tallying date has every been nominated.

Silicon Dicker is basically an Urban Dicker who submits using their 'construct' (fake Facebook profile), or other alias.

Ivan: "I refuse to give the thumbs up to ANYTHING with 'booka' in the title....bookabullshit."

Ricky: "http://www.urbandictionary.com/author.php?author=Ricky+Foxwell"

Emelda (feeling the huge silicon novelty penis slipping from her grasp): "There's no shame when you're a Silicon Dicker "
by Emelda Moncelet February 17, 2009

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