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-An object or location seemingly evil beyond recognition.

-An object or location that gives you a sense of hopelessness or dread.

- An object or location that apears to be pealing itself away to reveal a more sinister and grotesque form.(example: Paint pealing away to rust.)

-Psychotic visions

-Messed the f%^k up!

-Something you see or hear that makes you question your vary sanity.

(Note that I created theis word from obsessively playing the Silent Hill Series (TM) Konami entertainment. Play it!)
Whenever you feel your being watched, whenever you feel paranoid, when you hear whispers in your ear that don't exist, when generaly pleasant and happy things make you feel uneasy or freightnd, When you see something so twisted and vile it makes you turn away it horror, that is what Silent Hilly is.
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