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A serious flirtation technique that does not really work with people who tend to be attracted, but so incompatible, they cannot even hold a simple conversation without losing the essence who they are in the process.

A conversation that takes place in a silent relationship that is based on shallow feelings that strive to be more but are clearly stemmed from infatuation.

Things that people say (in their minds) while looking into the eyes of another person so it is almost as if they could be talking to the other person but they are too afraid to actually open their mouths.

When two people are strongly attracted to one another and cannot fight the urge to gaze into the eyes of the other person at least 15 times an hour in as quick a manner as possible, while in their minds saying short, anxious sentences that they probably would not want anyone in the room to hear. They participating in a silent conversation. In between gazes, they tend to ignore one another in order to "maintain their cool" and appear sly about their relationship. Then when the thought of the other person arises, which is constant, the conversation starts back up again. Oftentimes, these conversations take place in awkward classroom settings when the participants are bored and simply want the thrill of a secret (kind of, sort of) love affair.
The girl looks up from her studies to see a handsome young man her age staring at her. Surprised by the attention, and flattered, the girl says in her mind, "Oh my gosh, he's staring at me again." Then she smiles and lets him know that it's game on.

When the boy realizes that he is caught, in his mind he says, "Oh shoot, she's looking at me now." Then he looks away and acts like he is doing his work again. He is trying so hard to let her know that he is "interested," but that's all he knows how to portray at this point.

After so many attempts to let the other person know that the he or she is "falling for" the other one and in a pathetic attempt to kindle, or perhaps further, the relationship that has been lingering on for a year or so, the couple will try to hold the gaze for longer than two seconds, as they say, (in their minds of course) "I love you," but that is as far as the silent conversation will ever go and the relationship will wither away with it, considering that a silent conversation is more of an expression for "I am too afraid to talk to you, so I'm just going to stare at you and hopefully you can read my mind."
by Silent Participant March 25, 2012
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