An eight foot long polearm weapon carried by Sailor Saturn in the 'Sailor Moon' fictional world. Known for the ability to be able to cause the end of the world if the blade-end of the weapon is lowered to the ground.

It is reffered to in some circles as the 'Can-Opener-O-Mass-Destruction' because the distingishly G shaped blade on the business end makes the whole thing look like an eight foot, hand-action, can-opener. Opening a can of beans has never looked so fun. ~_^
Sailor Saturn raised the Silence Glaive high shouting: "SILENCE GLAIVE, SURPRISE!" There was no sound as the blade fell, only dread.
by Admiral Tigerclaw November 09, 2009
Top Definition
The giant scepter carried by Sailor Saturn in the "Sailor Moon" series.
Silence Glaive Surprise!

(Everything's destroyed)
by Saturn's Problem Child March 03, 2008
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