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Silas Gallagher; a handsome, masculine individual possessing the most desirable of traits. Even though he may be timid at first, his romantic charm will shine through, and put him above the rest. Silas Gallagher's understanding and genuine compassion can put anyone at ease when they are around him. He is rarely judgmental, but rather always willing to listen with an open mind. He can out-drink any man against him, and if he wanted, could take your girl right out from under your arm. His smooth way with words will make any woman melt, and fall for him instantly. Though Silas Gallagher may have commitment issues; he is truly the epitome of a loving gentleman.
"Man, I wish I could drink like Silas Gallagher."
"See that man over there? That's a true Silas Gallagher."
by Kerakura April 29, 2013
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