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An alien originally hailing from an obscure planet in the andromeda galaxy. She is currently learning the ways of earthling life. Sila enjoys British accents, moving her nose like a bunny (one of her many talents),eating various gummy candies, and entertaining the earthlings with her awkward sense of humor. Sila is a fan of all rock music, manga, comics, anime, and discovery channel, and she also secretly worships all the furry creatures that roam the land. Sila is a very elusive creature who tends to enjoy randomly appearing in mosh pits, and is famed for appearing with words of wisdom when her earthling friends are in danger. Sila has a very wide range of very confusing moods and facial expressions the likes of which tend to confuse her surrounding earthlings. Sila can often be found looking to the sky and pondering whether the mother ship will ever come back for her. If you ever happen to run into Sila make sure to say "shlaaawapagroudumpio" and give her a hearty hug for that is her preferred greeting.
Sila Maria Pinto: *holds out a baby* is this item for consumption?

"would you look at that amazingly attractive female the complexities of her beauty are not of this world! It must be Sila Maria Pinto!"
by thatoneguythatwasinthebushes February 25, 2009
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