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a.k.a. Tri Sigma (ΣΣΣ) - these girls are the hottest sorority girls on campus. They beat out all the other sororities and everyone wants to be them. The girls of Sigma Sigma Sigma are gorgeous, smart, and is the girl that every guy wants to be with. They've got class, they've got sass, and they'll surely kick any other girl's ass.

If you're dating a Sigma girl, raise your glass. If you're not, raise your standards.
Frat Boy: Yeah, my girlfriend's in Sigma Sigma Sigmal.

Frat Boy #2: lucky dog.
by Fratsense June 23, 2010
This elite Sorority was founded on April 20th, 1898 in Farmville, VA. Classy and beautiful, Sigma Sigma Sigma women are what all other women strive to become. Other sororities may try to emulate the high standards of the Tri Sigs but, in the end, fail miserably.

Though each campus attracts different types of women, one thing remains the same: Tri Sig ladies are the real deal.
Potential Member 1: I didn't get a bid from Sigma Sigma Sigma.
Potential Member 2: *sobs* Me neither.
Tri Sig: We have standards.
by TriSigHottness July 25, 2006
A pack of rabid harlots bent on destroying every guy they meet's life. Often undereducated and unfaithful the only real thing they have to boast is the carebear. They often find themselves bickering with one another driving at least one person to tears. They are shrewd and crafty, watch out.
Person 1:Did you hear about that last party?
Person 2: Yeah I totally hooked up with three Sigma sigma sigmas!
Person 1:Yeah, it's funny I hooked up with one while her boyfriend was in the next room!

"Tri-Sigma, everyone else has!"
"Tri-pigs are best rooting around in the mud!"
by James Dean Pints April 03, 2009
also known as Tri- Pigs and "If you can't get in anywhere else, Tri-Sigma". must be extremely overweight to get in, but they will give a bid to anyone.
Potential New Member: No sorority gave me a bid.
Sigma Sigma Sigma Member: We did!
Potential New Member: Exactly.
by 2-faced December 07, 2009
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