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A professional women's music fraternity. Formed to "uphold the highest ideals of a music education" and "to further the development of music in America", it continues to provide musical and educational resources to its members and the general public.

Flower: Red Rose
Colors: Crimson and White
Founded: June 12th, 1903 Ann Arbor Michigan. University School of Music.
"Hey, what does her shirt say?"
"It's the greek letters for Sigma Alpha Iota"
"It looks like it says EAT"
"You're an idiot."
by C.Weiss April 10, 2007
a professional fraternity for women containing the hottest musicians that you will ever find.
" Dude that sigma alpha iota chick is fly...." "Woah dawg... she's a music major..." "say WHAAAT??"
by fried fry April 20, 2010