They are the largest national fraternity, however most chapters are composed of complete tools. Their nickname is SAE, and they have earned the more popular nickname Sexual Assault Expected due to the fact that they drug every person who comes through their door and rape them. It is also a common fact that you must be wearing at least 3 popped collars at any given time when you are a member, or you can be subjected to judicial hearings. This is to keep the image of SAE as "tool" as possible. They enjoy throwing beer bottles at their partners after Spring Jam too after they win.
APhi girl: Hey, so I went to Sigma Alpha Epsilon last night.

Other girl: Did the guy wearing seven popped collars decide to rape you again?

APhi girl: I don't remember, they drugged me again as I walked through the door.

Other girl: What fucking tools.
by IHateLions March 14, 2010
A douchebag fraternity which only allows stupid so cal aholes to be in their frat. Known as SAE - Sexual Assault Expected. Especially at SDSU. Is the epitome of southern california bro's. Not a decent human being belongs to this frat.
Wow. That was awesome when those guys from Sigma Alpha Epsilon date raped us last night.
by stickywetrag September 17, 2008
a fraternity with A bunch of Douchebags who think they are the shit. They are loud and obnoxious and probably the least academic of all fraterities.
person 1: Man that guy is such a D-bag.
person 2: Well he is a Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE)
person 1: oh, it figures
by SAE'sareD-bags April 04, 2006
Thee Fattest Fucks at Ball State. They do not have any parties worth showing up to. They are hated by every frat on campus.
"Did you see the Sigma Alpha Epsilon get out his house with a diet coke, it sure is not helping his fat ass"
by Jakefree February 26, 2008
A fraternity founded in 1856 and widely considered one of the coolest fraternities in the United States. That is actually considered one of the coolest fraternities in the United States by its members. They have a lot of successful alumni, but generally the majority of chapters currently in existence have veered from any principled greek life, which is pretty God Damned pathetic. Most guys who join SAE become raging alcoholics and complete assholes, but I know of a couple of chapters that are extremely cool and filled with some really upstanding young men. They are probably considered part of the top tier of fraternities nationally, though they don't have a tradition that is as rich as some other fraternities. The cool chapters are really cool, but the crappy chapters are probably some of the worst that exist on college campuses. Sigma Alpha Epsilon.
Wow the SAEs at Johns Hopkins are really fucking cool.

Wow the SAEs at SMU are racist closeted homosexuals who probably make up the poorest performing group of academics in any fraternity ever created... ever.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon, you probably can do better.
by SamBJo October 01, 2007

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