-noun (sig -o)
1. Shortened version of 'Signal Officer', primarily in the Army. Most often used to refer to the latter instead of his/her name and rank.
2. Can be used to refer to the Signal Officer at any level of command (e.g. Battalion Sigo, Brigade Sigo, Division Sigo).
Soldier 1: Have you seen Captain Smith?
Soldier 2: Oh, the Sigo? Nope. Haven't seen him all day.
Soldier 1: Does he EVER work?
Soldier 2: Beats me.
by hotelyankee August 27, 2008
Top Definition
A shortening of 'Significant Other;' particularly useful when addressing a mixed gender group with varied marital statuses. Frequently pluralized: sig o's.
You guys should come over tonight for the bowling tournament, and bring your sig o's.
by Valerie Hurt December 31, 2008
Abbreviation for "significant other". Used by couples uncomfortable with the immature and trivial connotation of "boyfriend" and "girlfriend", the homosexual and/or business inference promoted by "partner", and the formality of the lengthy "significant other". Primarily used by couples over 30.
"Even though it's not his weekend my sigo has his son on Saturday because his psycho ex-wife went to jail on Thursday."
by Sassmasta August 21, 2009
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