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Acronym- Shit I'd Fuck That
Used to describe a hot person of opposite sex walking by
Bob: Dude, Joe look at that fine piece of ass eying you on the other side of the bar

Joe: Sift...sift all night long

Bob: haha hellz yeah
#shwing #sexy #hot #baby #fine piece of ass
by siftfarmer November 09, 2009
word meaning someone who is a bit sleazy. It can be changed to and adjective and it has many uses
'Mike is going for a sift'
'That Mike guy is quite sifty'
'Mike is all about the sift'
by Ben October 11, 2004
To cupcake or spend valuable time flirting/charming/fucking/etc with another person. Sifters ignore everything else in the world including family, friends, money, fun, other partners, and in serious cases work. Sifting is a serious condition that should not be taken lightly and should be addressed immediately upon diagnosis.
Berby likes to sift all day and all night, drinking wine with his love.

I tried to get him to go to the city but he said he would be too busy sifting in his bedroom.
#sift #cupcake #flirt #charm #flirting #fuck #fucking #date #dating #pussy whipped #love #in love #smooze #kiss #cuddle #cuddling #friends of benefits #lovers
by Meestah WonTon October 25, 2014
Canadian slang:

To move from one place to another.
"This place is boring, eh. Let's sift out of here"
"I'm just gonna sift to my room real quick"
by beanercamina October 19, 2015
1 The bottom of you bag of weed. contains flakes and weed dust that often times is impotent. Sometimes used to add a little weight to the bag depeding on the douchitude of the dealer. or

2 If your getting ripped off the contents of your entire bag of weed

see shake
1 Weed conissuer 1: I just bought some of that bomb shit man.

Weed conissuer 2: Lets just through that little bit of Sift at the bottom and add it to the blunt to fatten it up a bit.

2 Newbe smoker 1: I paid 40 dollars for this. It looked like a bud because of how compressed it was.

Newbe smoker 2: thats definately 3 grams of sift dude... and it smells like middies

Weed conissuer 1: You bitches got owned. Smoke some of this Blueberry haze with us.
#weed #ganja #shake #owned #molested
by Refeerus Majoris January 28, 2009
When someone is passing gas and you don't hear any loud fart vibrations, but clearly hear the gas excrete.

The fart sounds like: ffffft

"You guys be quiet, listen to this sift"

"You better not eat more than 5 White Castle burgers tonight because they next day you'll be sifting all day"
#fart #silent but deadly #gas #heat #white castle
by Tone Da Bizzy December 03, 2007
Verb. To relax, kick back for a while
I'm tired - I really feeling like sifting for a while
#relax #veg out #kick back #lie down #sleep
by Standoc August 29, 2007
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