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When you finish haveing anal sex with someone and then slap them in the face with your cock leaving a "sideburn".
I totally nailed that chick in her ass and then drew a sideburn on her face with my dick.
by Sausage Wallet2011 February 16, 2011
associated with the hairy lip, sideburns are the growth of hair down the side of a mans(or womans) face. Can be styled in various ways using TREsemme products.
Hippie: Dude, look at my hot sideburns
by simon gardner September 12, 2006
When one insults someone, whilst simultaneously insulting any number of other people; an add-on burn

me(to noob)-Yeah your sister's a slut, and your mom's not lookin' to kosher right now either.
my buddy-sweet sideburn on that noob.
by shawn666 April 13, 2008
Big long nasty hairs attached to ones cheek. Usually found on irish people, or nasty blonde girls.
A:Hey do you see that girl Jenna?
M:Yeah she has some huge sideburns
by ChuckNorrisGee October 11, 2008
When girls shave two landing strips into their pubes.... looks like sidburns
"Dude, I could see her bright red sideburns through her white shorts!"
by Shmelgs October 28, 2007
Monstrosities of nature that brain-challenged guys grow because they think that girls find them sexy. Men with these are often single.
"These sideburns are lady-magnets."
"...No. No they're not."
by WHSMB January 11, 2009
To be a guy and fuck a girl who has more facial hair then yourself.
Skyler: dude you fucked a sideburns thats discusting. you better have been intoxicated you ickle slut.
by DoUNoTylrDurden April 10, 2005